RABS takes the utmost care in securing your personal information. 

If you were to submit a handwritten document to set, it would pass your social security number and personal information from you to the P.A., the costumer, the A.D., the teamster, the production office coordinator, payroll clerk, UPS person, paymaster, who knows how many others in between, and then it'd be stored in a box somewhere for decades. 

Wouldn't you rather submit it in a "Quadruple Blind", PCI compliant application? Well, that probably requires a little explaining as to what those two phrases mean.

1. RABS is "Quadruple Blind" secure. That means the employees at RUNABETTERSET can't see your personal information. The crew can't see your personal information. You, once you've submitted it to RABS, can't see it. And most importantly, the rest of the internet can't see it. The only people, machines, or entities able to access your personal information are the people who need it in order to pay you. 

2. RABS is Payment Card Industry Compliant, or PCI Compliant. Your bank account online is PCI Compliant. Amazon is PCI compliant. If you trust those resources, you can trust RABS.

3. Run A Better Set has also taken measures beyond the twelve standards of Payment Card Industry compliance. Our measures include, but aren't limited to the following.

Hardware firewall configuration

Administrative control of usernames and passwords

Encrypted confidential information in storage and at rest

Encrypted data transmission with SSL, HTTPS and other encryption tools

Use of anti-virus software and firewalls on company devices

Static and dynamic testing of code

A zero-exploit coding framework

Data restricted to need-to-know basis

Unique usernames and passwords for each user

PCI Level 3 compliant server hosting facility

Monitoring access to network resources

User and access logs

Weekly review of network and network access

Cybersecurity best practice training with the application’s administrators and users

Cybersecurity best practice training with employees of RUNABETTERSET, LLC

Daily, weekly, monthly server snapshots

Restricted firewall port access

IP tethered access to development servers and to production mainframe

Industry standard data sanitization and deletion protocol


If you are interested, the RABS Privacy Policy can be found here: Privacy Policy

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